My name is MF Kays, and I am currently making the foray into YA writing for the first time. 

My first story, Bridges and Angels, will be part of an anthology called Lost and Found. The anthology has many wonderful authors contributing to it and I feel myself lucky to be counted among them. This book has been put together at the behest of a friend who wanted to raise awareness about homeless GLBTQ youth, and I hope you will take the time to read our stories. 

My contribution, Bridges and Angels, is a short story based on a young man named Gipson Parker. He is currently on the streets of Chicago, struggling to survive, facing choices he never thought he would be.

We have a publisher (yay!) and are currently working on our deadlines. Please feel free to check in periodically, as I will leave updates as I get more information. 

Thanks, and have a wonderful day!

MF Kays

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